The second book is HERE!

Hi Everyone! The second installment of THE LIGHTNING CONJURER series, aptly entitled THE ENLIGHTENING, is done! Both the paperback and the e-book will be available March 11, but you can reserve your Kindle version today! PS - Selene Regener, a.k.a. Selenada, made the cover art. Isn't it incredible? 😍 Check out her Deviant Art page … Continue reading The second book is HERE!

THE AWAKENING just got a stunning new makeover!

Hi everyone, Rachel [R] here! I'm so happy that I can FINALLY share the amazing news! We've just published the stunning new book cover for THE LIGHTNING CONJURER: THE AWAKENING, custom designed by the incomparable Selene Regener: I never could have dreamed that Aspen could be brought to life so perfectly. This series is the … Continue reading THE AWAKENING just got a stunning new makeover!

What Kind of Elementalist Are You?[QUIZ]

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! You no longer have to wonder in angst and agony about what kind of Elementalist you are, because WE'VE MADE YOU A FAILPROOF, 100% ACCURATE ELEMENTALIST QUIZ! ⚡️🔥🌪💧🌎 Take the test to see what Element YOU* would wield! *In a fictional universe. Results may vary. PS … Continue reading What Kind of Elementalist Are You?[QUIZ]