About The Lightning Conjurer

Praise for The Lightning Conjurer: The Awakening


20286983_10105382014865963_9100337679713120344_oSexy, suspenseful, and brimming with magical realism, The Lightning Conjurer: The Awakening is the first novel of an upcoming contemporary fantasy trilogy. It was born from the imagination of Rachel Rener, who spent way too many years working oppressive desk jobs before she realized it was time to quit and write The Awakening, her debut novel. 

The saga follows Aspen (as she calls herself), a twenty-something-year-old woman, who awoke three years ago in a sparsely-furnished cabin in the forest, not knowing her name, where she came from, or where she was, she’s been forced to live entirely off the grid. It’s a lonely life she’s grown accustomed to – until now. Suddenly, strange things are beginning to happen all around her: a raging tornado manifests out of nowhere, narrowly saving her from an out-of-control semi-truck; her frigid bath water becomes luxuriously hot; the fireplace inexplicably erupts a plume of white-hot fire straight into her living room.

Unfortunately, things only get stranger from there when Aspen decides to audit a nearby college class, as the handsome associate professor, Aiden, immediately and inexplicably takes umbrage to her presence. When he confronts her after class, she panics, causing the ceiling lights to burst. That’s when Aiden realizes what she is – but he’s not the only one whose attention Aspen has attracted. She’s being watched by an elite group of Elementalists who just might hold the answers to Aspen’s past… But by joining them, could she be in for more than she bargained for?

In her mission to discover who – and what – she is, Aspen must learn to control her powers, navigate her budding romance with Aiden, and finally, she must uncover the startling truth about her family.

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